Thursday, June 4, 2015

Final Exam

Did you try something that you weren’t sure about as part of this project? 

For this project, I used a more natural theme than I was used to. I wasn't sure if this theme was something I could work with, but I did it anyways, because Mr. Sands encouraged me to take the risk. I wasn't positive that using an actual branch would go well with the fake 'hive' that I created out of plaster, but the natural mixed with 'pseudo-natural' made the entire aesthetic of the piece flow.

Did you pick a material or technique that was new or different over something that was familiar?

I used plaster, placed it on a balloon, and painted over it in order to create a model of a hive. I also used a real branch, pine needles, and pine cones to make the piece more holistic. This was a really new in approach for me, especially in the way of three-dimensional art. I'm really excited to use plaster in more ways, because I actually learned a lot on the logistics of it: how it works, how fast it dries, applying color to it, and how to mix it. Mixing medias, especially those that aren't normally used (like natural medias), was really exciting for me, and it'd be great to have chances to do this in the future. 

When did you step back and analyze your work during this project? 

After I had made only basic, monochromatic versions of my print, I decided I would step up my game and try out new colors. A lot of my peers were also telling me to try ombre or mixed colors on one print. I almost regret not using more colors, but the times that I did try to put more than three colors, it didn't really work out the way I intended. I feel like the two-tone print is the best version on this particular print, which is why I pictured my favorite versions in this blog.

Did you consider how ideas would work before you tried them?
I reflected on how many colors, what colors, and what shade of colors would work the best very often while I was printmaking. I asked my peers almost every print if they had any feedback, and I would use that feedback while deciding on my next print. Also, in the beginning of my project, when I was considering what to make a print of, I was very hesitant to take something as simple as grass. However, this was my first time print making and I realize that the overlapping grass blades, detail, and shape was harder than I first intended. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Art 3 blog 1

I chose to do this challenge because I thought it would be interesting and kind of like a puzzle to find the poem that I made.  I made it bounce around the page because it made sense on what the message was trying to say. I thought it really applied to me because what i was trying to get across that I don't like boring and dull activities in my life I need excitement and "movement"

Text art

I used text art to create my final project because I thought it was a cool concept.  What I chose to do I thought was clever because it was a lyric from the song "low". Aka "apple Bottom Jeans".  I enjoyed this project because it allowed me to use my imagination and wit.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sticky Situation

This project was one of my favorites and least favorites for a couple reasons.  It was my favorite because I really liked working with water colors the fast pase of it really matched how I like doing things.  I also really liked how water color looks in general I think its really cool how it layers so well.   I didn't like it because the theme was repetitive(I think) and I didn't want to add anything and mess up my jar that worked hard on.  I feel like I could of added something decent, but I didn't want it to be decent I wanted it to match how I felt about the jar.

Mixed Media

This was one of my favorite projects we did.  Once I knew how to make a marbled background from the tissue paper I felt like I got the hard part out of the way.  What got me excited to do this project was the theme because I like things that make you wonder and are questionably controversial.  I liked how I didn't need to plan much for this project it was more in the moment.  I felt like the hardest part of this projects was just finding out where to put the pictures. I really liked how this turned out and I enjoyed showing it to people to see their reaction.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dr. Pepper

I was not happy with the outcome of this can because it looks awful.  I feel like if I would of spent more time on it it would of turned out better.


I was happier with how this candy turned out in the end then I was in the beginning.  In the beginning I was really struggling with the creases in the plastic but then I got a hold of it