Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anamorphosis Drawing

1.Describe the process you went through to change your object into the correct perspective to create the drawing. In the computer lab I went on a photo editor and enlarged the photo.  Then, I morphed the photo to make it look the certain way I wanted it.
2. How did distorting and stretching the object allow for you to create a drawing that would look different to the viewer? By distorting and stretching the Dr. Pepper bottle it allowed the drawing to look different because it made the bottle shorter and wider at the top and smaller at the bottom.  This gave the appearance of if you took a picture of it in another angle then it looked the normal size and 3D
3. What were the most important concepts in the project to make it successful?
The most important factor in this project was morphing the picture in the beginning because without that there would of been no picture.  The second most important step was shading and adding values to the picture. 

Game Drawing

I liked my final result in this drawing because if I compared it to the beginning project to the ending, it is amazing.  I first drew the outline of the piece then I colored in most of everything with colored pencils.  Then, I painted a light color of water colors; that was the most challenging part.  But, then I added another layer of color pencils to add the value.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1. Explain how you changed your photo in the lab to create a stencil.
  I used Photoshop to switch the original picture to the black and white version.  Then, I printed out the picture, and took a picture of it on a camera and then brought it up on the projector.
2. When creating the collage background explain your choices of colors, materials (magazine paper, books pages, etc), and placement. How does it relate to your topic? If no relation discuss general idea.
 Well there wasn't a lot of materials related to San Fransisco so I just chose a lot of book pages and things related to that because that city is very artsy and what not.  I chose the colors because that is what San Francisco is well known for.
3. Discuss the way positive and negative space was used to create your stencil.
 Positive space was used to out line the object and the negative space was used as the background with all the different colors in it.
4. When using the xacto knife, explain the safety procedures, how to use the knife and any challenges you had to overcome while cutting. 
At first using the xacto knife was quite difficult, but then I got use to it.  I learned not to cut it towards you because it might slice you.  Some times my blade would not go all the way through the paper so I had to make it deeper.
5. How was your experience with the spray paint? Discuss how color choice is important, placement of stencil, and any other concepts you noticed while creating this. 
I took a lot of tape to keep the stencil in place. I chose pink because it was the barely used color, so it would be easier to see.  I had to add a few layers of spray paint so it was not as see through.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1. Explain your experience working on a team and executing your ideas for the mural. 
Working on a team was surpirsingly easy everything got done very quickly and without a problem.  Executing my ideas on the mural was very easy.
2. Explain the importance of collaboration when working on a team.
Without cllaboration we wouldn't have been able to get anything done. Team work is vital if your work working in a group, plus we were able to work off eachothers ideas.  Collaboration helps get things done a lot quicker then it would of.
3.  How successful was this project? Explain how and why.
I found this project very succesful because after it was done it turned out very well. I am pleased to say that it looks very life like.
4. Explain how you feel about creating artwork that others can interact with. Ex. Invoving the whole school?
I think it is very cool because people tend to have more interest in the art if they can interact with it.  Interatction brings more attention to the artwork and allows more people to apreciate