Art 1 Final Portfolio

1)Personally, my favorite project this year was the chalk murals because it took team work.  Also, the final results was astonishing because it looked so life like.  One of my favorite aspects of the drawing was the colors of the books because it they were bright and eye popping.  I also found it neat that we were able to interact with the mural.  In addition to that, the location of our drawings was smart because it aloud the whole school to have access in interacting with the art.  I thought the shadowing made the books pop out and look life like.We Outlined the books and blended the colors inward.  Also, we added detail on the ladder to make it look like it had grooves, which made it look more life like. 
2)I grew from this project because I didn't specifically do well on it and I knew what not to do on it.  I dont think I did very well on the shadow with value. But, just because I didn't do all that well on it as a whole does not mean I did not do well on some of the parts.  This was the first project we used color pencils on and it taught me how to control my lines.  I like my values I drew around the bottle to make it look like it is 3D.  This drawing helped in some ways with perspective. I like how the shading is darker in the grooves of the bottle because it makes it look more 3D.

3) I used my value and blending while drawing this piece. This is one of the paintings that I learned most from because I had to use the techniques that I used previously.  I had to put my skills to the test and I personally think I did very well.  Since this was one of my first piece's I didn't learn that much from other art piece's. But, that does not mean that I did not incorporate any of the techniques. 
4)The least favorite project was the stencil because I felt like we didn't really use any of the techniques that we learned in the past. I felt like I could of used my time on other projects than worked on this one.  The project was more of a fun project than a learning one.  The closest thing that was close to learning something was tracing the picture on the stencil.
5) Out of all the projects I did, this was my most successful one.  I used all the techniques I learned through out the school year.  I used blending in all of the colors and I used shadowing on the water and grass.  Also, I used the color wheel when adding bases to the colors.  

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