Art 2 final portfolio

1) I feel like my most successful project was the collage because I really liked how it turned out and working on it was extremely fun.  The topic of this piece was mixed media and the theme was questionable.  I made it by dying the page with tissue paper making a marble effect.  I believe having the right size paper was very important because in the beginning I had to big of a size and didn't think I could cover the entire thing.  The main item I used was pictures and text from magazines and I like how it made the collage look.  After I placed all my pictures on the background I decided that some of the items stood out to much and the edges were a little hash.  So I added tissue paper to the edges to help blend them all together.  When I was done I very proud of my work and liked showing it to people.

2) One of the projects that I found the least successful was the scientific.  I feel like I didn't apply myself to it enough.  If I would of worked harder I believe that I would of done a better job.  Also, I didn't like any of the ideas I was coming up with because I was very indecisive.  I feel like I would of dedicated more time too it because I feel like that was my major flaw in the piece.  Also, I enjoy working more with things that can flow on there own like paint.  I liked my idea, but I didn't put the time into is and that why I believe this was my least successful project.

3) I feel like a I grew a lot in water colors.  Ive never been a fan of water colors until recently because it makes me think of kid paintings.  But then once I applied myself to it I found out that I surprisingly like how it looks and applying it was a cool experience. Another piece that I thought I grew while doing was the colored pencils one.  I liked how I could take another thing I used all through out my childhood and actually applying it to a real drawing.  I never really thought about layering the colored pencils.  I liked how they blended and I enjoyed learning all the techniques.

4) One mini lesson that I felt that benefited from the most was drawing the lolly pop.   I really like the way mine turned out and I learned all the techniques while I completed it.  It was really nice because I ended up using colored pencil as my final in that topic. Another mini lesson I thought was beneficial was the one with the water colors.  Even though I did really bad on the one I believe I learned a lot from it.  I learned what not to do so when I did my practice sketch I did very well. Some of the mini lessons I didn't understand , but for most of them I understood what needed to be done.

 5) My favorite median to work with was the water colors even though I didn't finish it.  It felt good to find something that you really enjoy doing.  I liked how you had to work some what fast with the water colors because that fits me in a way.   I like how when you first start out the first layer is really see through at first.  Ive always enjoyed painting but being introduce to water colors has been really awesome.  Water colors are appeal to me a lot because they don't take much planning and in the moment experience. I look forward to painting more with water colors. 
I need to add pictures!!

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