Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sticky Situation

This project was one of my favorites and least favorites for a couple reasons.  It was my favorite because I really liked working with water colors the fast pase of it really matched how I like doing things.  I also really liked how water color looks in general I think its really cool how it layers so well.   I didn't like it because the theme was repetitive(I think) and I didn't want to add anything and mess up my jar that worked hard on.  I feel like I could of added something decent, but I didn't want it to be decent I wanted it to match how I felt about the jar.

Mixed Media

This was one of my favorite projects we did.  Once I knew how to make a marbled background from the tissue paper I felt like I got the hard part out of the way.  What got me excited to do this project was the theme because I like things that make you wonder and are questionably controversial.  I liked how I didn't need to plan much for this project it was more in the moment.  I felt like the hardest part of this projects was just finding out where to put the pictures. I really liked how this turned out and I enjoyed showing it to people to see their reaction.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dr. Pepper

I was not happy with the outcome of this can because it looks awful.  I feel like if I would of spent more time on it it would of turned out better.


I was happier with how this candy turned out in the end then I was in the beginning.  In the beginning I was really struggling with the creases in the plastic but then I got a hold of it

Lolli Pop

I really liked the way this piece turned out.  I was surprised that I was able to create such a detailed lollipop. I was able to capture the color by layering the prisma colors.

Monday, April 7, 2014


The mini lessons were very beneficial to the success of the project because I learned how to
correctly use a color pencil when drawing.  I showed contrast in my work because I made the kiwi standout by using a dark blue background color.  I decided to use color pencils as my medium and I chose them because I felt like I was better at using them then the rest of the options.  The technique that used to create my work was a lot of shading and knowing when and when not to apply pressure.  Overall, I was very please with the out come of my kiwi I thought it looked really realistic 


They were very beneficial, I would not of been able to create my final product without the mini lessons because I learned so much.  I showed contrast in my work by making the planets stand out with its dark shading against the white in the tv.  I think it added great detail to the artwork.  I chose to use pencil because that was the medium I was most comfortable with.  I used a lot of shading techniques to create this piece of art.  Overall I liked this project but it was not my favorite because it lacked color.